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      Smack Zone — You Don't Want to Make an Enemy Out of Me

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      Stephen A. Smith: Movie Villain or Egocentric Buffoon? Both? OK, Both

      [caption id="attachment_1263" align="aligncenter" width="474"]Stephen A. Smith Smack Apparel illustration: Steve Hill.[/caption] We're not going to take sides, here. Stephen A. Smith really did nothing wrong when it came to reporting the "news" that Kevin Durant might -- or might not -- go to the Lakers if he can't work out a deal with Oklahoma City. But ... um. Then it got weird. And Stephen A. did what Stephen A. does ... he let his mouth run off and do its own thing. Which, in this case, was captured perfectly in aΒ Deadspin piece from yesterday: Stephen A. Smith Delivers Movie Villain Monologue on First Take. Β