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      Smack Zone — Calley Brewer Pate

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      Rivalry Stories: Everyday Heroes of Smack Talk

      #SmackZoneEvery fan has an origin story to tell. Sometimes the passion for a particular team is inherited. Geography often plays a role. Rationality rarely comes into play. Logic is laughable. Why do you love the teams you love (and love to hate their rivals)? Sometimes, the answer is as simple as, "Because I always have. And I always will." Smack Zone asked five writers and passionate sports fans to share their fan origin stories this week. All five articles are live as of this morning, and we encourage you to check them out. All of the writers are conducting a giveaway of one Smack Apparel t-shirt of the winner's choice. Enter all five sweepstakes, and you could win five shirts! In addition, all five will co-host the first Smack Zone Twitter party with us on Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET. It will be an hour of smack talk and fun, with $200 in Smack Apparel gift card giveaways. To participate in the Twitter party, follow us on Twitter (@SmackApparel) and use the hashtag, #SmackZone. Here are our writers, with links to their great stories: Jeff Bogle lives near Philadelphia and is the publisher of Out With the Kids. He tells a tale of his love for Michigan State, and what it means to share that passion with his family, in his piece, "A Sometimes Confusing Passion for Sports." Aaron Gouveia lives near Boston and is the publisher of the Daddy Files. He is, shall we say, more than a bit fixated on New England sports (particularly the Patriots). He sheds some light on that unique brand of sports madness in his post, "Sports Rivalries: Why It's Fun to Hate Other Teams." Creed Anthony of Tales From the Poop Deck lives near Indianapolis but is a lifelong fan of the Cleveland Browns. He tells us why even a college career spent in enemy territory (Pittsburgh) couldn't sway his allegiance in his piece, "A Misunderstood Rivalry." Calley Brewer Pate lives near Tampa and publishes the popular environmental and lifestyle blog, the Eco Chic. Her piece, "College Football is the Yin to my Yang," tells of her family's undying devotion to the Georgia Bulldogs. Whit Honea lives in Southern California and publishes the website, Family Life on Earth. He writes lyrically about his long-time passion for University of Arizona sports in his piece, "Of Smack, Bear and the Things We Down."


      Tell us your fan origin story in the comments. We want to know how and when and why you began to love the teams you love. And be sure to join us Tuesday at 8 p.m. for the #SmackZone Twitter party!