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      Where the Hell is the Red River, Anyway?

      [caption id="attachment_1298" align="aligncenter" width="474"]Texas-Oklahoma Oklahoma Coach Bob Stoops pretty much eats the Longhorns for dinner. Smack Apparel illustration: Steve Hill.[/caption] By Erez Ladetzky, Smack Zone Contributor Three words that get two statesโ€™ collective blood boiling: Red River Rivalry. This weekend marks the 110th edition of this matchup between Oklahoma and Texas. In its glory years, this game used to decide who won the Big 12. Now, it is just another game between two schools that hate each other. Texas is to blame for that, consideringย how bad they have become this year. And donโ€™t get us started with the name of the game, โ€œRed River Rivalry.โ€ I mean, Red River? Really? How many people in this country know where the Red River is? Or even care about it? At least make it a cool name. Florida and Georgia play in โ€œThe Worldโ€™s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.โ€ Now thatโ€™s a game worth going to! Itโ€™s not even the only Red River in the world. Cโ€™mon man! This rivalry has seen both teams go on long winning streaks. Texas went on a six-game winning streak in the โ€˜30s and an eight game streak in the โ€˜40s. Oklahoma won six in a row in the โ€˜50s and five in a row in the โ€˜70s. Texas has the all-time edge with a 60-44-5 record against Oklahoma. Superstar players used to play in this game. Not anymore. These teams now donโ€™t have the caliber of players they used to. Oklahoma had Adrian Peterson, Mark Clayton, Keith Jackson, Gerald McCoy, Lee Roy Selmon and Roy Williams. Texas had players such as Ricky Williams, Earl Campbell, Vince Young, Stanley Richard and Bryant Westbrook. Now, outside of Texas and Oklahoma โ€“ or the Red River valley, whatever and wherever that is -- this is simply another game on the schedule. There will be no championship implications. These teams definitely hate each other still, but it just doesnโ€™t have the juice it used to. Hopefully, one day, it gets back to being one of the top games of the year. But that day is not Saturday.

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