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      Behold: King Krahn

      Aaron Gibson might have met his match. America, meet John Krahn, a 7-foot, 440 pound (!!) lineman. Oh, just in case you were wondering, he is a senior in high school. He is one of the largest human beings on earth and still has to ask permission to use the restroom at school. Gibson is widely considered the largest NFL player of all time, at 6-foot-9, 410 pounds. Krahn only started playing football in high school, so he’s a long way from that NFL dream. If that doesn’t work out, he could be the next superstar for the WWE. He is bigger than the Paul β€œthe Big Show” Wight, and we’re sure with a last name of Krahn, he can come up with a good wrestling name. Just off the top of our heads, King Krahn would fit the bill. We don’t envy any of the high schoolers that have to go against him. As soon as the ball is hiked, he can probably just reach and tackle the QB without breaking a sweat. California high school football players beware the NEXT BIG THING! King Krahn has been crowned (hat size: we’d guess about a 9, give or take a ΒΌ). [caption id="attachment_1086" align="aligncenter" width="197"]Gilbert Brown Gilbert Brown had a burger named after him in Green Bay. Another professional aspiration for King Krahn.[/caption] Β 

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