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      Sports Smack, Ready to Wear: How We Do It

      Smack Apparel is, and always has been, about creativity. There's a reason we do it the way we do -- because we know passionate sports fans want to be as creative and funny as possible when it comes to talking smack about their sports rivals. But how do we actually do what we do? It starts with a passion for sports. We're fans, so we know what fans love. With that in mind, we are constantly surveying the sports and pop culture landscape for new t-shirt ideas. Founder Wayne Curtiss channeled his inner FSU Seminole when he and Smack Apparel vice president Rosemary Curtiss (a proud Nittany Lion) teamed to create our first Smack Apparel shirt 17 years ago. Will Rogers might have never met a man he didn't like, Wayne and Rosemary figured, but Rogers never met Steve Spurrier, either. Wearable smack was born. Since then, we have created hundreds of designs for fans who not only love to talk smack, but want to wear it, too. In this video, Wayne takes you behind the scenes for a glimpse at the Smack Apparel process, from that first creative spark to finished product. We hope you enjoy it! [youtube] Enjoy the video? Ready for more? Join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for a steady stream of sports news and sports smack dedicated to passionate sports fans all over the country. And be sure to check back daily at Smack Zone, the home of college and pro sports rivalries.  

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