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      In 1998, Wayne Curtiss, an avid sports fan and Florida State grad was hanging out with some buddies from college, talking 'Nole football. In those days, you couldn’t turn on ESPN or flip through Sports Illustrated without seeing Steve Spurrier, the then-head coach of University of Florida. Spurrier typically had some headline-making wise crack about another SEC team or their hated rival, Florida State. In those days, Steve Spurrier was the man to hate! Wayne understood the widespread hated for Coach Spurrier, and the light bulb went on! He remembered something a childhood hero once said…

      "Never met a man I didn't like."

      ...Will Rogers never met Steve Spurrier. 

      And Smack Apparel was born! Smack gear quickly became a must-have on nearly every college campus.

      Since 1998, we have grown and expanded our brand to what it is today. We love sports, and the Smack talkin’ that goes along with it.  Sports unite us, teach us about triumph and heartbreak, and make life sweeter.  We do what we love, and make the gear fans really want to wear!