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      Check Out Our Unlicensed LIV Champion Shirts for Kansas City Fans

      Check Out Our Unlicensed LIV Champion Shirts for Kansas City Fans

      Well, they finally did it! The Kanas City Chiefs won another Super Bowl. It had been 50 years since the Kansas City Chiefs' last Super Bowl championship, and they finally have the opportunity to bring the Lombardi trophy back to Missouri (not Kansas, Donald). 

      To commemorate the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl victory, we've created these three unlicensed LIV champion shirts. Both of the Kansas City champ t-shirts below are available for sale on Amazon

      Champions Shirt: Game Over (31-20)

      Chiefs Super Bowl Champions Shirt


      If you're looking for the ultimate championship shirt, you'll love our "Game Over" design that features the final score (31-20). This unlicensed retro-style shirt is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd and have your friends asking "Where'd you get that?!" 

      Kansas City Champions Shirt: Party Like It's 1969

      Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl T-Shirt


      It was 1969 when the Kansas City Chiefs won their first Super Bowl, and now, 50 years later, they won their second thanks to an incredible performance by Patrick Mahomes and company. This Kansas City champions shirt allows you to pay homage to the history of this amazing franchise while celebrating this wonderful season! 

      LIV Champions Shirt: Comeback Tour

      Chiefs Super Bowl Champs Shirt

      The Chiefs had a historic Super Bowl championship run that included three consecutive comebacks. This "Comeback Tour" t-shirt design is the perfect way to remember the 2019-2020 Kansas City Chiefs.

      See More of Our Favorite Super Bowl Shirts

      We are compiling some of our favorite Kansas City Chiefs champions shirts from around the web. Check them out here:


      Smack Zone Exclusive: Enlightening Page from USC Coach Steve Sarkisian's Playbook

      Smack Zone Exclusive: Enlightening Page from USC Coach Steve Sarkisian's Playbook

      In yet another example of ground-breaking journalism, Smack Zone staffers risked life and limb to attain this enlightening page from the Steve Sarkisian playbook.[/caption] Look, we don't want to make light of a man's alcohol problem. And clearly, Southern Cal football coach Steve Sarkisian has a very real alcohol problem. But we here in the Smack Zone central office take our public service role seriously. So, when our enterprising editorial staff acquired a top secret page from Sarkisian's playbook, we felt it was in the interest of Trojans and other college football fans throughout the land that we share this enlightening information. We wish Coach Sarkisian a long, healthy, happy recovery during his enforced, indefinite leave of absence. We also wish to offer the USC Trojans a sober wish of ... well, sobriety under interim coach Clay Helton.

      Longhorns Beat Oklahoma; Still Suck

      [caption id="attachment_1312" align="aligncenter" width="474"]Texas Longhorns Texas shocked Oklahoma in the Red River Rivalry Saturday, but all that did was raise the question: Where was that performance against everyone else? Smack Zone illustration: Steve Hill.[/caption] OK, we'll own it. We were wrong about the outcome of the Red River Rivalry. We incorrectly wrote off the Texas Longhorns, and they came out Saturday and put it on the Oklahoma Sooners, 24-17. Good job, Longhorns. You deserved to win and you can bask in the glory of another upset of your biggest rival. Too bad you still suck. What? You won, sure. Congratulations. You're 2-4, 1-2 in the Big 12. You still lost to Notre Dame and Texas Christian by a combined score of 88-10. Yes, Coach Charlie Strong body-surfed his way out of the Texas State Fairground Saturday, and his players could congratulate themselves for "winning one for Coach." That can work -- once or twice. College football is great because occasionally, the young men who strap it on can get motivated to play above their collective ability and shock the world. In the long run, though, talent defeats motivation. That's how the Longhorns used to win: They had better players than the other guys. Now? Not so much. Oh, and here is the bottom line when it comes to the Red River Rivalry: As long as victories by Texas are considered "upsets," the Longhorns are a long way away from their former national prominence.      

      Seminoles Win This, Too

      It's a foregone conclusion that Florida State is going beat the hell out of the University of Miami football team Saturday at Doak Campbell Stadium. But the burning question this week at the Golf Channel was which of the two schools could produce the more impressive array of trick shots? Here are the videos, posted today by the Golf Channel's Morning Drive show. We'll share our preference below.

      Both are pretty cool. But yeah, FSU wins this, too. [caption id="attachment_1268" align="aligncenter" width="474"]Florida State Click to get the shirt, Noles fans![/caption]