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      Over the years Smack Apparel has been featured in various different media outlets. Whether it's on a national scale, or local broadcast our shirts are great conversation points for TV, magazine or newspaper articles. These are some of the notable shirts and situations that made national headlines:

      Win It For Kevin
      During the 2013 Midwest Regional Final, Louisville player Kevin Ware suffered one of the most gruesome injuries ever captured on live TV. Kevin's double compound fracture was difficult to watch, but turned tragedy into motivation for his teammates. The Cardinals rallied for their injured comrade, advancing to the Final Four in Atlanta. Louisville fans everywhere were immediately looking for a rally-cry shirt that could speak their thoughts and support Kevin. Our "Win It For Kevin" was instantly embraced by the Louisville faithful, and even the Ware family. After being released from the hospital, somehow Kevin got his hands on our "Win It For Kevin" shirt. He was featured on national broadcasts wearing the shirt. The shirt received much attention, but more importantly gave us the opportunity to raise over $1000 for The Boys and Girls Club of Kentuckiana.

      Smack Apparel's "Win it for Kevin" was in the news Kevin Ware wearing the Smack Apparel "Win it for Kevin" shirt Kevin Ware wearing the Smack Apparel "Win it for Kevin" shirt during a TV interview

      Kirk Herbstreit Can Bite Me!
      In 2012, The Northern Illinois Huskies did something that no other MAC team had ever done before... they busted the BCS! The Huskies finished the regualr season 12-1, and earned a spot in the 2013 Orange Bowl. During the ESPN BCS Bowl Selection Show, Analyst and Co-Host of ESPN College Game Day Kirk Herbstreit was a little less than thrilled that NIU was going bowling in Miami. He said that "The fact that Northern Illinois is in the BCS in 2012 is really a sad state for college football and where we are in the current system." Even better, "I love MAC football, but to put them in the BCS is an absolute joke to the rest of those teams that are more deserving."

      Needless to say, NIU fans and fans of the under-dog everywhere went ballistic. The Smack Apparel light bulb then went on! This was a once in a lifetime opportunity of the little guy to stick it to the big ESPN bully. After a few quick drafts, and throwing around ideas, "Kirk Herbstreit Can Bite Me" was born! Over 4,000 shirts were sold in less than a month, and could be seen all over Sun Life Stadium in Miami for the Orange Bowl. The man who started all the drama, or our Smack muse if you will, Kirk Herbstreit was even given his very own "Kirk Herbstreit Can Bite Me" t-shirt live on ESPN College Game Day the morning of the game.

      Terrell Suggs Voices His Thoughts on The Steelers...
      As the story has it, the day before training camp started in 2009, Terrell Suggs was walking through a shopping mall in Westminster, MD. As he passed by a Shenk & Tittle Sporting Goods store something caught his eye. It was a t-shirt that had a message printed on it that warmed his heart. The shirt read, "YBYSA" on the front and very simply on the back, "You Bet Your Sweet Ass I Hate The Steelers!" Unbeknownst to us at Smack Apparel or even our retailer Shenk & Tittle, Terrell was to be interviewed by renowned sports columnist Peter King the next day at training camp. Well you guessed it, Mr. Suggs wore our YBYSA shirt to camp and during his interview with Peter King. And the rest is history. Fun fact: After Terrell Suggs wore the YBYSA shirt to training camp it was a must have by Baltimore Ravens fans. Our phones rang non-stop, and our site almost crashed due to the high volume of customers.

      Smack Apparel's "YBYSA - You Bet Your Sweet Ass I Hate The Steelers!" was in the news Terrell Suggs wearing Smack Apparel's "YBYSA - You Bet Your Sweet Ass I Hate The Steelers!"

      2003 Sammy Sosa Uncorked Tour
      In 2003, Sammy Sosa broke a bat during a game vs. the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. When the umpires inspected the bat, they noticed that the bat had cork inside its core. Sammy claimed that the bat was used on accident, and was something that he only used during batting practice and never in games. After witnessing this, Smack had to act. We produced a shirt that not only received local attention here in Tampa, but also graced the pages of Sports Illustrated. Fun trivia fact, Jay Crawford of ESPN is the sportscaster.

      Smack Apparel's Sammy Sosa Uncorked Tour shirt was featured in Sports Illustrated

      Yo Grayson
      Duke University went on the attack over a t-shirt mocking their star basketball player, Grayson Allen and demanded we shut the shirt sale down ASAP. The shirt featured a silhouette of a basketball player with the #3 jersey and the words, "Yo Grayson...Why You Trippin'?" Duke fired off a cease and desist to us - claiming we were using Grayson's name and image without permission...and they threatened legal action if we didn't comply. Sorry, but not gonna happen!

      Shop "Yo Grayson...Why You Trippin'?" shirt

      Yo Grayson shirt in the news