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Will Rogers Never Met Steve Spurrier (1998) In 1998, Wayne Curtiss an avid sports fan and Florida State graduate was sitting around having a few beers with some old frat buddies talking ‘Nole football. In those days you couldn’t turn on ESPN or flip through Sports Illustrated without seeing Steve Spurrier, the then Head Coach of University of Florida. Steve usually had some wise crack about another team in the SEC or their in-state rival FSU that made headlines. To say it bluntly, there were many people who hated Steve Spurrier! Wayne being the creative genius that he is, knew that there was a way to capitalize on this hatred. The light bulb went on! Wayne remembered something a childhood hero once said… "Never met a man I didn't like." After “Will Rogers” threw Smack Apparel into the spotlight, our shirts became a must-have on nearly every college campus!

Since 1998, we have grown and expanded our brand to what it is today. We love sports, and the Smack talkin’ that goes along with it! After all, sports are fun, competitive and teach us some of life’s greatest lessons. Without a little Smack talkin’, life would be pretty boring…


TB Lightning – Bring Stanley Back (2015) As the Tampa Bay Lightning became better over the last few years, sports fans around the Tampa Bay area started focusing more on hockey and less on getting their tan on at the beach. Naturally, Founder Wayne Curtiss saw this craze emerging and came up with a clever concept that both Florida natives and visitors understood and could relate to. (Bring Stanley Back: Cause Lord Knows, He could Use Another Tan). Tampa Bay embraced the concept and the shirt was featured on 5 Tampa Bay news stations, local radio shows and in over 90 Publix stores in the Tampa Bay area as the Lightning rallied all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals, which they lost in 6 games.

Arkansas Razorbacks - Petrino’s Hog Shop (2012) In April of 2012, an Arkansas Football female staff assistant and Razorbacks head football coach Bobby Petrino were on a motorcycle that was involved in an accident. As a result of the crash, a scandal erupted over an affair between Petrino and the very young female staff assistant. Turns out Petrino had given her a “Christmas gift” a few months before of $20,000 and had a large say in her unfair hiring. Petrino was fired as head coach as the details of the scandal emerged and the rest is history! The shirt became an instant hit in Fayetteville, AR and around the rest of the country.

Louisville Cardinals – Win it for Kevin (2013) Late in the 2013 March Madness basketball tournament, the Louisville Cardinals were battling Duke in the Elite Eight, when Louisville Guard Kevin Ware went down on the court with a brutal broken leg. The injury was so horrific to watch, the video was widespread across the internet and news channels across the country. The team rallied around the loss of their teammate to win several more games. Was the shirt good luck? It’s tough to say, but the team did cut down the nets and went home as tournament champions. Below is Kevin and his Mom wearing the shirt in an interview with CNN. 

Northern Illinois Kirk Herbstreet Can Bite Me (2013) - When the Northern Illinois Huskies busted the BCS by being selected to The 2013 Orange Bowl, ESPN Analyst Kirk Herbstreit was a little less than thrilled. Instead of being happy for "the little engine that could" Herbie decided to slightly over-react on national TV; looking like a Scrooge. Kirk went on to say that the Huskies making the BCS shows that we’re in a “Sad state for college football and where we are with the current system…They don’t deserve to be in the BCS this year, are you kidding me?”. After Herbie’s interview on ESPN, NIU fans everywhere were appalled, upset and mad! Since SMACK Apparel likes to be the voice of the fans, we helped them out... hence Kirk Herbstreit Can Bite Me... 'Cause Every Dog Has Its Day! On Jan. 1, 2013 SMACK Apparel was showcased on ESPN College Game Day, where Kirk’s co-hosts gave him grief over his previous comments about NIU.

Penn State Nittany Lions Thank You Coach (2011) – Following the Penn State sex scandal, Joe Paterno was fired from Penn State after over 50 years of service. Nittany Lions fans felt cheated, upset and disappointed that their coach didn’t get a proper sendoff they thought he deserved. The very night he was let go by the University, Smack Apparel was already at work designing a heart-warming thank you tribute shirt to Coach Paterno. The morning after he was fired, the Smack Apparel production crew was busy printing and shipping the new tribute shirt to State College, PA which received a great response. Fans that agreed with the message in State College, PA purchased over 8,000 shirts in just 3 days following its release.

Florida Gulf Coast – Dunk Coast (2013) - Just after the 2013 March Madness basketball tournament got underway, #15 seeded Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) had already been counted out in almost all of the brackets that millions of Americans completed, but the underdogs were far from out of the tournament. FGCU knocked off #2 seeded Georgetown in the first round in style by throwing down crazy alley-oops and started getting the attention of basketball fans across the country after becoming only the 7th #15 seed ever to beat a #2 seed. The next round, they continued to drop jaws with their deep 3-pointers and huge dunks by beating San Diego State University to advance to the Sweet Sixteen round. FGCU became the first 15 seed ever to make the Sweet Sixteen round. Naturally, brackets around the country were busted because of the FGCU run and hopes of winning the office bracket pool went right into the trash can.

Sammy Sosa Uncorked Tour (2003) - In 2003, Sammy Sosa broke a bat during a game vs. the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. When the umpires inspected the bat, they noticed that the bat had cork inside its core. Sammy claimed that the bat was used on accident, and was something that he only used during batting practice and never in games. After witnessing this, Smack had to act. We produced a shirt that not only received local attention here in Tampa, but also graced the pages of Sports Illustrated.

Florida Gators - Jameis’ Famous Crab Shack (2014) In late April of 2014, Florida State’s Starting Quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston was issued a citation after walking out of a Publix Supermarket with $30 of crab legs… without paying for them. The media had a field day with the story once TMZ broke the footage of him walking out of the supermarket with the tasty shellfish. Despite having several Seminole fans on our staff, we knew we had to feed the already going frenzy around the story. From there, Jameis’ Famous Crab Shack was born and fans of Florida, Miami, and even  Florida State have been using it to show their displeasure of the knucklehead superstar’s actions ever since.

Florida State Seminoles - Sucks To Be U (2011) Just when we all thought Miami had learned their lesson after getting scholarships taken away from them after the notorious pay-for-play scandal, they did it again…This time, Ponzi scheme operator Nevin Shapiro had used his wealth to leverage it to become close to the University of Miami sports programs and athletes on the football and basketball teams at the U before getting arrested for federal charges of securities fraud and money laundering. It’s estimated that he gave $2 Million in donations to the school, and an additional $2 Million in unwarranted and illegal benefits to players on the University of Miami’s Football Team, as well as members of the basketball team between the years of 2002-2010.  The NCAA came down hard on the school, putting their athletic department on a 3 year probation and docking the football program 9 scholarships for 3 seasons.

Michigan Wolverines - Tressel’s Tattoo and Pawn (2011) A few weeks before the Sugar Bowl in the 2010 NCAA Football season, Federal authorities contact Ohio State after finding over $10,000 in autographed Ohio State memorabilia in a drug raid on a tattoo parlor owner Edward Rife’s house. Ohio State’s coach at the time Jim Tressel publically claims that this is the first time he has heard about his players’ involvement with Rife. Ohio State and the NCAA then investigates the situation, only to find emails between Tressel and multiple people warning him of his players’ wrongdoings. The emails show that Tressel knew about his players breaking NCAA rules and tried to deal with the situation himself, rather than reporting it to his superiors or Athletic Department as NCAA regulations require. After further NCAA investigation, Coach Tressel and all 5 players involved were suspended for 5 games. Three weeks later, Tressel resigns his head coach position after a story broke that he knew of his players’ potential NCAA violations. Quarterback Terrelle Pryor then announces he will be leaving school a year early to jump to the NFL draft. Ohio State went on to finish 6-6 in the 2011 season and lose to their rival Michigan 40-34…WHAT AN EMBARASSMENT!!


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